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This month’s movers & shakers hail from Kelman, IFP, Halliburton, IEA, Sabeus, IES. Meetings and courses announced chez EDS and Georex-AT.

Kelman has appointed Dave Richard as president and CEO of its KTI unit. Richard was previously COO.

The French Petroleum Institute has appointed Van Bui Tran as director of its Tezchnology, Infoemation and Applied Math division.

Edgar Ortiz, president and CEO of Halliburton’s Energy Services (HES) Group is retiring and will be replaced by John Gibson. HES has also appointed Lew Watts, formerly director of Shell’s International Gas & Power Business as senior executive of its Solutions Group.

Claude Mandil has been appointed Executive Director of the International Energy Agency. Mandil was previously Chairman and CEO of the French Petroleum Institute.

Sabeus Sensors Systems has appointed Dale Wooddy, to head up the company’s newly opened petroleum systems unit in Houston.

Dietrich Welte has retired from IES after 20 years of service but will continue as strategic advisor and shareholder. Thomas Hantschel has been named MD Technology and Bjorn Wygrala as MD Technology Transfer.

The 5th Gocad User Meeting and 1st European User Meeting will be held in London on March

Georex Assistance Technique and Sesimic Micro Technology are offering seminars to Kingdom Suite interpreters in Paris next month—

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