4D ISIS from Ødegaard

Ødegaard’s latest ISIS release is tailored to the inversion and exploitation of 4D time-lapse production seismic data.

Ødegaard’s 4D-ISIS democratizes time-lapse seismic processing. The latest release of Danish geophysical software house Ødegaard’s ISIS package extends seismic inversion to 4D time lapse data. 4D-ISIS builds on Ødegaard’s experience of using seismic inversion to calibrate 4D surveys with data acquired earlier in the life of a producing oilfield.


Ødegaard MD Kim Gunn Maver said, “This technology can enhance the performance of any producing field by targeting untapped reserves. 4D-ISIS offers companies a cost-effective solution to the planning of production wells, fluid enhancement and pressure monitoring.”


4D-ISIS provides a dynamic model of the subsurface to predict seismic time-lapse saturation changes. Differences between the predicted and measured changes are interpreted to provide updates for the reservoir simulator. 4D ISIS allows any number of angle or offset stacks to be used for simultaneous AVO-based estimation of acoustic parameters which are then extended to time-lapse data.

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