Landmark hosting for Unocal Indonesia

Landmark has deployed a Linux-based hosting system for Unocal’s Indonesia deepwater group.

Landmark Graphics Corp. has just released details of a customized, Linux-based data and applications hosting system which was implemented earlier this year for Unocal’s Deepwater Group in Jakarta, Indonesia. Landmark is to provide management, maintenance and on-site application support over a three-year period.


Louis Rothenberg, head of Technology Applications with Unocal Indonesia said, “Last year, Unocal signed a three-year global agreement for access to Landmark’s full suite of G&G technology. Because we had already partnered with Landmark for the applications, it made sense to approach Landmark for the systems to run them”.


Landmark president Andy Lane added, “The center is one of the most techno-logically advanced implementations the world. It was executed on time and within the requirements of Unocal under very challenging conditions”.


The Center consists of a mixture of Linux clusters, blade servers, storage and a Windows-based infrastructure in a modular arrangement controlled through Gridware technology. A modular design and advanced networking enables any part of the system to grow independently of another, increasing the potential for cost savings, a critical consideration for Unocal.


Landmark marketing VP Murray Roth commented, “This was not a technology handoff but a complete in-sourced service solution. The consultative approach adopted between Landmark, Unocal and the technology partners was one of the key success factors.”


Application hosting support will be provided on-site with additional proactive support provided by Landmark’s global network team accessing the systems remotely. A virtual worldwide team with specialist systems engineers can evaluate and resolve issues 24/7.

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