WoodMac unveils EnergyVision

Wood Mackenzie is now delivering its information products through a web portal.

Wood Mackenzie’s new online energy service Upstream Energyvision (UEV) is now open for business, allowing clients remote access to WoodMac products through a secure internet site. The new version of UEV was developed following extensive client feedback and research and includes ‘many new and improved features’.


The website has been re-designed for fast and easy access to WoodMac research through straightforward navigation and an intuitive page design. According to WoodMac, the new site retains the familiarity of the old Upstream Service—the structure of the service remains unchanged.


UEV tools include a ‘feature rich’ search engine with the ability to recall previously saved searches. Content can be bookmarked for future reference and exported to Microsoft Word and Excel. A smart link provides rapid access to WoodMac’s PathFinder product.


Delivery of the Upstream service through Energyvision lets users perform asset searches by operator, participant or asset name. Analyses can be downloaded in Adobe PDF format and users can receive alerts when specified areas of content have been updated. You can test drive Energyvision for free on www.woodmac.com/envisup.htm.

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