IHS helps new North Sea entrants

IHS Energy’s North Sea ‘Quick Start’ program—COTS business plans and risk assessment.

IHS Energy unveiled a new service for North Sea license holders and potential investors at the UK Prospect Expo last month. The North Sea Quick-Start Program has been designed and priced to help new entrants take advantage of detailed data and information with minimal upfront investment. The Quick Start program can be augmented with services from IHS Energy’s Consulting Division.


IHS Energy Regional Manager Paul Webber explained, “New license holders include many smaller independents that need to quickly assess and exploit potential while minimizing risks and costs. IHS Consulting Division has developed business models and investment plans to help operators make the right decision and realize a full return on investment.”


Services provided within the North Sea Quick-Start Program include detailed data and comprehensive studies and maps of the region, plus news and scouting information. ‘Legacy risk’ associated with field abandonment and high-pressure zones get special treatment.

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