SimSci tools available from Petris Winds

Engineering software house SimSci-Esscor now offers ASP-based software through the Petris Portal.

Invensys unit SimSci-Esscor is to make its process modeling and engineering software available in Application Service Provision mode (ASP) through the Petris Winds Now! service. SimSci’s Upstream Optimization and Process Engineering Suites (PES) will be offered to current SimSci-Esscor customers on a monthly trial and subscription basis through the Petris portal.


SimSci marketing VP Marty Kurowski said, “Through Petris, SimSci-Esscor is able to reach a much broader market and demonstrate how its products can reduce the internal support requirements of our customers while extending the life of their hardware. With immediate access to our applications, customers can reduce capex and improve operational processes.”


Engineers, pipeline designers, production technologists and reservoir planning engineers can now access SimSci solutions through a single contract with Petris. Available products include PRO/II, Datacon, Hextran, Visual Flow and Inplant, Pipephase, NETOP and Tacite.

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