New Fieldbus specs released

Device firmware can now be updated over the Fieldbus smart instrumentation framework.

The Fieldbus Foundation has updated the specifications of its digital bi-directional communications protocol for field devices and automation. The new version of the protocol allows device firmware to be updated over the network. A new function block alert algorithm now supports ‘multi-bit alarming’. Elsewhere, the Fieldbus specification itself has benefited from ‘various clarifications and enhancements’.


Steve Mitschke, Fieldbus product manager said, “Foundation Fieldbus is recognized as an industry-standard for plant automation. Leading suppliers are offering a wide range of compliant products and support services. Now is the time for companies to become involved with Fieldbus product development and start realizing the business benefits offered by the technology.”

Unique tag

Fieldbus devices are connected to a regular Ethernet LAN and each instrument is assigned a unique network address and physical device tag. Fieldbus provides an application clock distribution function to ensure accurate time-based recording of events and to facilitate real-time instrument control. More on Fieldbus from

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