Shell Oil Products goes for MapInfo

Bucking the all-ESRI trend, Shell’s US Oil Products group has chosen MapInfo’s AnySite.

Shell Oil Products has deployed MapInfo’s AnySite to allow location-based analysis and demographic research to shape the company’s marketing strategy.


Shell’s Tom Brodie said, “After adding Texaco’s stations to our network in 1998, managing our locations effectively became cumbersome. MapInfo provided a simple solution that integrated our existing infrastructure and delivered greater functionality and sophisticated mapping and data analysis.” Shell uses AnySite to evaluate proximity conflicts between gas stations and to evaluate site performance. Visualization helps Shell communicate with its customers through targeted direct marketing programs.


MapInfo’s Bob Bucker added, “AnySite gives Shell the power to visualize the market landscape, identify key sites and better understand who makes up its target market and determine best practices to reach them most effectively.”

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