Digital Oilfield signs up suppliers

E-business specialist Digital Oilfield has helped 1400 oil country suppliers set up their e-businesses.

Digital Oilfield has enabled electronic transaction for some 1400 suppliers. Digital’s integration services allow suppliers to leverage their investment in accounting systems by integrating directly with OpenInvoice to create and submit invoices.


Digital helps suppliers choose the appropriate integration option—from web-based to PIDX (Petroleum Industry Data Exchange) RNIF B2B integration of invoices and associated documentation.

Version 4.2

A new release of OpenInvoice—version 4.2 includes enhancement to corporate routing of invoices and provides tighter integration with HR systems. Suppliers will be pleased to hear that OpenInvoice now allows for ‘priority’ payment of invoices where contractually required.


Digital Oilfield VO Doug Spackman said, “In an effort to continually expand and enhance our technology, we collaborate with our operating company customers, and the more than 1400 supplier companies using the system, for feedback and usability modifications.”

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