SIS Ocean to embed OpenSpirit framework

OpenSpirit has announced a new development in its commercial relationship with Schlumberger. The middleware is to embed SIS’ new Ocean Framework and will be transparent to end users.

OpenSpirit Corp has just announced that its middleware technology is now the ‘preferred vehicle’ by which all Schlumberger Information Solutions (SIS) software applications access petrotechnical data. A memorandum of understanding (MOU) executed by the two firms earlier this year details plans to expand their current business relationship.


SIS Integration Technology Champion Najib Abusalbi told OpenSpirit users, “OpenSpirit is the only open, standards based, multi-vendor E&P middleware available. It fits our technical vision, strategy, and framework for the industry.”

Ocean framework

Previously, SIS has acknowledged OpenSpirit as its tool of choice for interoperability with non-SIS applications. A source within OpenSpirit told Oil IT Journal that the MOU will change all this. OpenSpirit will be embedded in SIS’ next-generation Ocean framework (itself based on Microsoft’s .Net environment—see OITJ Vol. 8 N° 10) which will be used by all SIS applications. Users of SIS applications in the future will not even notice that OpenSpirit is being used. Access to third party applications will continue to use OpenSpirit as they do today.


Dan Piette, OpenSpirit CEO, told Oil ITJ, “The vision at OpenSpirit has not wavered from the initial days in Shell’s Bellaire Research Center—that of giving energy companies the option to use whatever software best meets their needs, without regard to vendor or data store. Because it frees software companies from worrying about how to get at the data, OpenSpirit allows them to focus on providing technology.” Open Spirit Corp. was founded by Shell, Chevron and Schlumberger in late 2000.

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