A2D offers pressure data and ‘purified’ logs

A2D has teamed with Knowledge Systems and Loren & Associates to offer value-added datasets.

Following its acquisition of Riley’s E-Log from Divestco last month, A2D Technologies has further extended its geoscience offering with two new marketing agreements. Under the terms of the deals, A2D becomes the exclusive marketer of specialized well data products for Knowledge Systems and Loren & Associates.

Knowledge Systems

A2D will give Stafford, TX-based Knowledge Systems access to its log data for the creation of pore and fracture pressure datasets. These datasets will be created on-demand for clients exploring in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico.

Loren & Associates

Loren & Associates (L&A) will likewise leverage A2D’s logs to create a ‘purified’ dataset. Loren’s log purification is a multi-well, multi-zone, multi-parameter nonlinear regression technique for replacing inaccurate or missing log data. The process is claimed to improve synthetic seismogram quality and enhance well to seismic ties.


L&A president Dennis Loren said, “Access to A2D’s digital log database will enable purified log products to be offered on an expanded basis at a reduced price, enabling our clients to benefit from improved synthetic seismograms, wavelet extraction, inversion, AVO modeling and other fundamental geophysical prerequisites.” A2D Technologies is a wholly-owned subsidiary of TGS-NOPEC Geophysical Company.

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