Two new PetroBanks

Landmark has won two major national data bank contracts in Indonesia and Nigeria. Landmark’s PetroBank master data store will make up the core of both solutions.

Halliburton unit Landmark Graphics Corp. has just announced two key national data bank wins—in Indonesia and Nigeria.


Landmark’s Jakarta-based unit, PT Landmark Concurrent Solusi Indonesia, has signed a ten year agreement with the Agency for Research and Development of the Indonesian Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources. The deal covers the commissioning and ongoing operation of Indonesia’s National Data Centre (NDC).


In the first phase Landmark will design and prepare for the establishment of the NDC in 2004. PetroBank technology will form the foundation of the data management solution and will be extended to include mining and minerals data as well as oil and gas.


Agency head Simon Sembiring said, “We believe a National Data Centre will help Indonesia attract more investors to develop the energy and mineral resources sector in this country.”


In a separate announcement, Landmark reveals that it has been awarded a five-year, $25 million contract from the Nigerian Department of Petroleum Resources. The contract, awarded to Landmark and its associate Integrated Data Services Limited (IDSL), calls for the design, development and operation of a National Data Repository (NDR) for Nigerian exploration and production data.


Landmark and IDSL will also be responsible for commissioning and delivering the communications infrastructures that will connect NDR subscribers to facilities in Lagos and Port Harcourt. Seismic, well and information assets in both digital and hard copy formats will be stored for secure access by entitled subscribers.


Mac Ofurhie, Director, Department of Petroleum Resources, said, “From the inception of the oil and gas industry in Nigeria, storage and retrieval of exploration and production data accumulated over the years has proved a major problem. Nigeria chose Landmark’s PetroBank technology in recognition of its maturity and reliability”. PetroBank is also deployed at national data repositories in Brazil, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Norway and the UK.

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