GeoProbe for seismic processing

With BP’s backing, Landmark now offers high-end visualization of seismic processing workflows.

Landmark Graphics has just released a special version of its GeoProbe high-end seismic interpretation software for use in seismic data processing. The new ‘ProMagic’ platform bundles GeoProbe with Landmark’s ProMax 3D seismic processing software.


The software was developed in collaboration with BP. BP seismic specialist Dave Ellis explained the rationale behind coupling high-end visualization with processing software saying, “Seismic data processors must use the same tools as interpreters. You can’t process what you can’t see!”


Landmark president and CEO Andy Lane concurred, “Collaboration between processors and interpreters through a common 3-D visualization environment assures higher fidelity seismic data output, greater confidence in seismic interpretations and more rapid prospect generation.”


ProMagic integrates well information and data from other OpenWorks applications. Processing parameter selection and QC can now be performed taking account of all relevant geological and geophysical information.

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