New interpretation suite from Geo-Logic

Geo-Logic Systems’ new geological analysis package leverages INT’s component technology.

Geo-Logic Systems has just released LithoTect Interpreter (LTI)—an entry-level geological analysis package. LTI claims to offer advanced geological interpretation with comparable functionality to that offered by the major vendors.


LTI combines seismic, wells, logs, map, section and other data types along with coordinate conversion. The package offers ‘state-of-the-art’ depth conversion and subsurface reconstruction tools along with professional presentation capabilities. Data can be interpreted in 2D or 3D. LTI is used for well monitoring and MWD. LithoTect Interpreter is written in Java and runs on Windows, MacOS, Unix, and Linux. The user-interface leverages GUI technology from INT.


Geo-Logic president Jim Geiser said, “The integration of INT’s technology has been instrumental in our decision to offer LT Interpreter at such a low price point.”


For special studies, LTI’s plug-in technology allows for the addition of structural restoration and balancing capabilities (including decompaction, isostatic adjustment, and forward modeling) on a pay-for-use basis. LithoTect Interpreter is available without the plug-in technologies at what Geo-Logic describes as a ‘truly affordable’ price of $5,000.

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