ChevronTexaco intranet rewarded

ChevronTexaco’s intranet made the top ten in the annual Nielsen Norman design awards.

The Nielsen Norman Group, a ‘world authority’ on Web usability has recognized ChevronTexaco Corp.’s (CTC) intranet in its third annual ‘top ten’ intranets worldwide. The report, “Intranet Design Annual 2003: The 10 Best Intranets of the Year” rewarded the CTC site for its ‘simple, streamlined, and consistent’ aspect.

Dimension Data

Dimension Data originally designed the CTC ‘Inside’ intranet following the three-way merger between Chevron, Texaco and Caltex back in 2001. The challenge was to create a ‘day one’ interim intranet site to promote the new company culture and serve as the initial online gathering place for all 53,000 employees. Further work on the site was performed by Dimension and CTC’s in-house experts to improve users’ experience with Inside and to enhance, improve and expand the site.


Dimension Data director Olivia Harting said, “We are honored by this recognition which shows we go beyond developing a visually appealing site - providing intuitive navigation and solid information architecture.”


Nielsen Norman Group principal Jakob Nielsen added, “Dimension Data and ChevronTexaco utilized best practices to develop an effective intranet organized according to how people actually use the information rather than in line with a company’s departmental structure. By developing an easy-to-use site, ChevronTexaco encourages employees to return frequently and, consequently, to be repeatedly exposed to the company’s vision and values.”


The ‘clear and easy-to-use site’ features news, shortcut navigation to frequently used intranet-based resources; Quick Question, an interactive feature that quizzes employees about company or industry facts and can serve as a quick polling device; the “CVX” stock quote, updated every twenty minutes; and more.

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