ONGC selects Guardian for transcription

Indian ONGC has awarded Veritas unit Guardian Data a 280,000 tape seismic transcription project.

India’s Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC) has awarded Veritas unit Guardian Data a follow-on seismic transcription contract. The second tranche consists of approximately 70,000 tapes including 9 track and 3480 cartridges.


The legacy data is being transcribed to high density IBM 3598 cartridges for use in ONGC’s Dehradun processing center. A previous ONGC contract was awarded to Guardian last year for the transcription of 105,000 9 track tapes and 106,000 3480 cartridges. This work is now half way to completion.


Seismic data recorded on aging magnetic media needs to be re-written to new tapes to preserve the data from loss and to maintain its usability. The process is time consuming and requires considerable knowledge and expertise in older seismic recording formats and a good knowledge of tape mechanical characteristics.

$ 10 million

ONGC’s $10 million computing center was delivered by Paradigm Geo in 2001 and was the largest computer installation in the country at the time.

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