INT’s GeoToolkit embeds TrollTech Qt

A new version of INT’s GeoToolkit library embeds cross platform technology from TrollTech.

Interactive Network Technologies (INT) has just released GeoToolkit 3.0 – a new version of its suite upstream oil and gas data visualization components. GeoToolkit’s C++ of components now includes a ‘high-level’ XY-Plot, seismic, well log and contour widgets and cross-platform printing capability.


New with version 3 is support for Qt, Trolltech’s cross-platform application development environment. Qt runs natively on Linux/Unix, Windows and Mac OS X and allows developers to use the same code across all platforms. GeoToolkit also integrates with Qt Designer.


INT VP Paul Schatz said, “Trolltech’s portable GUI concept and INT’s reusable components lets developers focus on projects that contribute directly to the company’s bottom line. Collaborating with Trolltech was a natural progression for INT.”

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