Elynx MeterDoc collects remote flow data

New control technologies link wells to the data center via the cellphone digital overhead channel.

Tulas-based eLynx Technologies (ELT) has just released two new control technologies for the gas industry. MeterDOC transmits well information from an electronic flow meter (EFM) to an eLynx Data Center using cellular phone technology. The information retrieved includes current flow, previous day’s production, spot and differential pressure, and temperature. MeterDOC provides user-configurable alarms including high line pressure or well downtime. Alarms can be routed to personnel via pager, e-mail or mobile phone.


eLynx VP John Powers said, “MeterDOC allows producers to see current data instantly and to receive notification when a well is down. MeterDOC communicates with most types of EFMs providing nationwide coverage in the US.


Another new tool—CompressorDOC— uses the same communication route to inform personnel when a compressor is down. CompressorDOC includes a solar panel and battery power package and uses the cell phone digital overhead channel for communication with the eLynx Data Center.

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