Santos goes for Matrikon connectivity

OLE for Process Control is to be Santos’ connectivity standard for its Australian gas production.

Santos has awarded Edmonton-based Matrikon a multi-year contract for the capture of historical process information from its Australian operations. Santos has also standardized on Matrikon’s OLE for Process Control (OPC) Connectivity Suite for communication between plant devices and integration with AspenTech’s InfoPlus.21 historian.


Matrikon director Sam Crisafulli said, “We are working with Santos to leverage IT to optimize production. Access to historical data ensures optimum operational decision making”.


Matrikon has also just released Total InSite—an ASP-enabled version of its Process Suite package. Total InSight leverages Matrikon’s SCADANet to provide alarms, predictive maintenance, optimization, and industry-specific solutions over the Internet. Matrikon hosts the data and takes care of the infrastructure.


Matrikon’s oil and gas industry specialist Andrew Capper said, “InSight will provide numerous oil and gas applications—leveraging our 15 years of experience in the industry”. Total-InSite collects data from all levels of an organization, from the field to production to management, and consolidates into a single location.

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