Texas Net disaster recovery for Global

A new ‘campus concept’ offers advanced data replication, networking and living accommodation.

Oil pipeline and construction company Global Industries has contracted with Texas.Net (TxN) for disaster recovery services. TxN will provide Global with a mirrored ‘hot site’ with real-time duplication of headquarters’ data.


TxN offers a ‘campus’ providing a post-disaster data center and networking capability. Campuses provide secure, off-site locations where clients can co-locate mission-critical data and hardware.


Campuses provide accommodation for employees tasked with keeping businesses running during an emergency. TxN also provides disaster planning through partnerships with leading consultants.


Global VP Celest Metuassalol said, “We evaluated four providers and none came close to offering the capabilities and peace of mind that TxN provides. Disaster recovery plan is a crucial element in our business operations, and partnering with TxN ensures fail-safe back-up and connectivity should we ever need it.”

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