Woodside to deploy Cisco network

Cisco is to kit out Woodside’s head office with a 10GB/s WLAN and pervasive WiFi network.

Woodside Energy has installed a Cisco IP network at its Perth headquarters and at selected offshore locations. Woodside’s implementation of converged Cisco networking will include applications such as voice and video over IP, unified messaging, security, wireless local-area networking (WLAN) and storage area networking (SAN).


Head office will deploy a Catalyst 6500 switched LAN running over a 10 GB Ethernet backbone. Wireless WiFi WLAN lets mobile users connect on all 19 floors of the building. A Firewall Services module and VPN technology assure network security. IP phones offer connectivity to Woodside’s offices in Mauritania.


A Cisco SAN is the core of Woodside’s disaster recovery and data-management strategy. Head office is connected to a disaster-recovery site using Fiber Channel over IP (FCIP) across a 10 GB Ethernet link.

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