Oxy to build SGI visionarium in Qatar

Qatar’s first Reality Center will be built around an SGI Onyx 3000 visualization system.

Occidental’s Qatar unit has installed a $1 million SGI Reality Center visionarium for use in seismic interpretation and well planning. The Center incorporates state-of-the-art digital light processing projection technology, driven by an SGI Onyx 3000 visualization system. This is backed up by an integrated system of supercomputers, high-speed graphics systems, four screens and digital stereo projection equipment.


Oxy’s Carey Lowe said, “The Reality Center allows for virtual walkthroughs of oil wells, multiple images can be viewed simultaneously providing a comprehensive evaluation of data. Using the system, seismic data can be used to simulate ‘cyber wells’—rotating them in space to test their effectiveness”.

Al Attiyah

Abdullah Bin Hamad Al Attiyah, Minister of Energy and Industry, Qatar, congratulated the team saying “The Reality Center will be an important asset in the development of Qatar’s oil and gas industry.”

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