ISA rolls-out GeoBrowse 3.0

ISA’s new GIS front end to E&P data stores introduces quantitative analysis and spatial drill-down.

ISA has just released version 3.0 of its GeoBrowse dynamic database querying and visualization engine. GeoBrowse reads data stored in industry applications such as Finder, Geoframe, OpenWorks, Tigress, OpenRSO and Probe (and indeed others!). Multiple databases can be viewed and compared in a common map view.


Data is displayed in a consistent, user-defined coordinate system with projects and datum conversions handled on the fly. Live queries ensure that data stays current and no data transfer or loading is required.


The new version offers multi-database quantitative analysis and a flexible data source hierarchy. Spatial drill-down can be customized. A query results grid control groups results for detailed analysis. Other improvements include query builders, query cloning, schema browsers, hierarchy builders and support for database binary objects (BLOBS).


ISA also offers bespoke development leveraging its technology. This was used to web-enable ConocoPhillips’.pipeline and facilities data, leveraging ESRI’s ArcIMS.


ISA is also working to integrate technology from PGS-Tigress into a new ‘HubCentral’ solution that will add data management and migration to GeoBrowse’s functionality.

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