Enertia Software—Well bore schematics

Enertia has released new software for data-driven wellbore schematics and field data capture.

Enertia Software has released new software for well bore schematics design and field data capture. Well Bore Schematics drafts multiple completions, downhole equipment, tubing, casing, pumps, cement, formations and perforations. Well logs and deviation diagrams can be displayed. Because all information is ‘data and date driven’, the schematic can be animated to show the changes to the well bore over time. A new PocketPC-based Field Data Capture (FDC) tool supports collection of wellhead pressures, downtime, tank gauges, run tickets, gas meter readings, liquid meter readings, and many other reading types at the point of origin in the field. The performance of Pocket PC, even with large routes and 30 days of historical data is described as ‘phenomenal’.

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