Landmark announces Drilling Desktop

Landmark’s Drilling Desktop brings G&G-style software integration to the drilling department.

Landmark has just released Drilling Desktop (DD), its new integrated platform for well planning and drilling operations. DD supports well design, real-time data access and 3D visualization in a shared data management environment.


Landmark CEO Andy Lane said, “Our focus is on the challenges of long-reach horizontal wells, deep-water drilling and small reservoirs. Solutions like Drilling Desktop will enable operators to drill safer and better-engineered wellbores.”

Engineer’s Desktop

The platform is said to optimize drilling engineering workflows, to reduce cycle-time and increase data integrity. Drilling Desktop is a component of the Engineers Desktop, a common project management system that combines drilling/production data and analytical tools. The full offering will be available in December 2003.


Murray Roth, Landmark’s VP marketing added, “This new integration platform links engineering software and drilling operations—making for efficient well design, increased production and reduced costs.” DD also supports drill string and casing run analysis workflows and provides a level of integration hitherto only available to geoscientists.

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