IBM Xeon-based clusters for Paradigm

Paradigm Geotechnology has ordered four IBM ‘BladeCenter’ clusters for seismic processing.

Paradigm Geotechnology (formerly Paradigm Geophysical) has purchased four IBM clusters for its seismic imaging activity. The four ‘Blue Gold’ supercomputers are located in Paradigm’s Houston, UK, Russian and Indian offices. IBM’s global support was instrumental in Paradigm’s choice. Each unit comprises ‘several hundred’ IBM BladeCenter nodes running Linux on 3.06 GHz Xeon processors.


Paradigm president and COO Elie Barr said, “Our ‘Focus’ seismic processing software, GeoDepth velocity modeling and depth imaging system, and Earth Domain Imaging migrations are extremely compute-intensive. The IBM BladeCenter system enables us to complete our projects in a timely manner.”

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