IHS Energy bags iMonitoring

IHS Energy has acquired wireless production monitoring specialists Luna iMonitoring.

IHS Energy has acquired Luna Innovations’ iMonitoring unit for an undisclosed sum. Luna iMonitoring has developed a line of solar-powered, wireless sensing devices that will allow IHS Energy to augment its popular Web-based well-data collection system with the remote monitoring technology needed to make automation affordable for oil and gas operators of all sizes.


IHS president Mike McCrory said, “Luna’s innovations will help us rewrite the economics of well automation, extending the benefits of daily well performance monitoring to the vast majority of onshore oil and gas wells.”


iMonitoring CEO Ken Ferris added, “We have been field testing and fine-tuning this offering, tailoring it to the needs of the oil and gas field operator. By setting our sights on the economics of the average well, we’ve been able to significantly lower the costs of both installation and ongoing monitoring.”


IHS is integrating iMonitor’s intelligent metering devices with its FieldDirect web-based data collection service. Field-testing of these technologies will continue as iMonitoring’s staff joins the IHS Energy team. FieldDirect brings ‘e-field’ type operations to stripper well operators. Engineers and managers can monitor wells and plan field operations from the office.

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