Satellite SCADA from M2M Corp.

M2M Corp. has introduced an ‘economy class’ satellite-based SCADA infrastructure.

Internet SCADA specialist M2M Data Corp. has just released a new satellite-based ‘economy’ system. The new SCADA system combines narrow bandwidth satellite communications with M2M’s compact iAdaptor communications gateway, extending the reach of SCADA monitoring and control into formerly untapped US markets.


Donald Wallace, M2M’s COO said, “By bundling key technologies with our turnkey service, SCADA-based remote monitoring and control is now attainable and cost-effective for a large industry segment that had previously been excluded from remote equipment- and device-tracking.”


M2M has extended its global reach by tapping into both the European satellite infrastructure and its own telecommunications and data facilities in the US. Use of open standards and the Internet allowed for a M2M Data Corporation to seamlessly tie together its geographically dispersed infrastructure for the new SCADA system.


Some of these newly targeted applications include remote meters and pumps, tank batteries, fleet management, HVAC rooftop units, compressors, security systems, traffic lights, weather stations and cell towers, to name a few. M2M was founded in 1997 and is now owned by Electricité de France and four US-based venture capital companies.

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