ArcGIS pipeline data model tools

JW Sewall’s toolkit manages data stored in the new ESRI ArcGIS pipeline data model format.

JW Sewall has been quick to leverage the draft release of the ESRI ArcGIS Pipeline Data Model with the release of a Pipeline Data Management Extension (PDME) for ArcGIS. PDME combines the core functionality of ArcGIS with the industry-specific capabilities of Sewall’s pipeline analysis and reporting software.


The PDME interface gives users the tools to view, analyze, edit, and develop reports from pipeline spatial and attribute data stored in a single-source repository or geodatabase. The software uses familiar, pipeline-specific semantics and nomenclature for database queries and other basic functions.


PDME establishes rules and relationships that allow operators to store pipeline spatial data (imagery, graphics, and vectors) and attribute data together in a centralized geodatabase rather than in separate linked systems.


PDME provides an interface to ArcGIS and to Sewall’s high-end pipeline applications; covering alignment sheet generation, class location analysis, and MAOP, and high consequence area (HCA) calculation.

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