Tektonisk supply chain solution for AMEC

AMEC has chosen Tektonisk’s ShareCat supply chain IM solution for the next phase of Sakhalin.

AMEC Engineering, has awarded UK-based Tektonisk a £1.2 million contract for the provision of supply chain gathering, validation and handover software and services as part of AMEC’s activity on the $230 million Sakhalin 2 project.


Tektonisk’s ShareCat ProjectArena leverages information from the ShareCat Internet content repository to link information from manufacturers to plant engineering requirements. The software supports communication between project teams and vendors and assures a consolidated source of quality electronic documentation and information.


AMEC information manager Chris Mitchell said, “A complex and geographically dispersed set of equipment vendors, coupled with aggressive schedules led us to consider alternative ways to solve the problems of equipment information management. Also, the client demanded high quality information for efficient asset operation.”


Tektonisk marketing director Paul Pestille added, “This is the first award of a major outsourced supply chain information management solution in the oil industry”.

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