Pipeline modeling update from GeoFields

GeoFields’ Overland Spread software offers ‘worst case’ scenario spill modeling.

Pipeline data management specialist GeoFields Inc. has announced an upgraded version of its Overland Spread (OLS) Model for pipeline operators. OLS Model version 3.5 enhances the analysis of the impact of potential spills on High Consequence Areas (HCA).

Stream velocity

OLS Model features an improved data set for modeling stream velocity, product spill rates and whether a release could impact an HCA. A conservative ‘worst-case’ approach makes use of rates based on peak stream discharge using 90th percentile statistics.


GeoFields director Nick Park said, “Customer feedback and the continuing upgrade of our datasets led to improved methods for addressing velocity measurements. With this upgrade, our clients are assured of the best methodology available for determining potential HCA impacts.”


GeoFields has consulted extensively with leading experts in the fields of surface water transport and engineering hydrology to establish the most valid and reliable methods for modeling hydraulic product transport.

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