Plumtree portal for Syncrude Web

Syncrude has developed its Enterprise Web atop Plumtree’s Corporate Portal.

Syncrude, the world’s largest producer of non-conventional crude oil is to deploy Plumtree’s Corporate Portal, Collaboration Server and Search Server to support its 5,000 employees, partners and contractors. Syncrude has developed 150 web applications to streamline processes, enhance employee self-service and to provide executives with a real-time dashboard of production performance and the cost of Syncrude’s 10,000 daily transactions.


Syncrude reports that the portal has made back-end systems more accessible and easier to use, improving ROI on existing investments and reducing training costs. Syncrude also avoided ‘thousands of dollars’ in anticipated hardware costs by providing kiosk and remote access to the Web portal for plant and field workers rather than personal computers.


Darcy Daugela, web services team leader with Syncrude said, “With Plumtree, we have been able to bring together the information that workers need, in a way that makes it quick to find and easy to use. Plumtree has been very popular with IT as well as employees for improving productivity, while reducing the cost of supporting multiple independent systems.”

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