Powerstream WITSML from PetroLink

PetroLink leverages the WITSML data standard to vehicle rig data to the corporate intranet.

Speaking at the London Petrophysical Society last month, Petrolink’s Operations Manager Jon Curtis described a real-world deployment of the emerging WITSML data standard.


Petrolink’s PowerStream supports communication of real-time well data from the rig to corporate intranets via PetroLink’s secure servers. PowerStream leverages the WITSML log data standard – an update of the WITS (Wellsite Information Transfer Specification) which has been in use for several years.


Petrolink’s PowerStream Server is based on the published WITSML schemas and covers the majority of data acquired at the wellsite. PowerStream operates as a neutral interface between rig-based acquisition companies and automates transfer of data between different networks.


Curtis showed how other XML-based formats such as WellLogML and LogGraphicsML can be leveraged to plot WITS, WITSML and other data formats. Output formats can be tuned to a variety of uses – including daily reports, well schemas, geological plots and log curves.

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