Nitroview—Exprodat’s better ArcIMS

Exprodat has turned ESRI’s ArcIMS viewer into a production-strength GIS front-end.

ESRI’s ArcIMS web-based map server is proving a popular means of serving GIS data over the web. But the vanilla ArcIMS client has several shortcomings in a production environment. Exprodat’s explosively named ‘NitroView’ is set to fix these issues.


NitroView is a souped-up version of ESRI’s ArcIMS HTML viewer which supports interactive map layout, scaled hardcopy and a spatial toolkit. NitroView also talks to ArcView 3.x and 8.x data which can be viewed along with IMS data.


NitroView can be branded with a corporate logo and marginalia customized to corporate standards. Exprodat claims the new product provides a ‘functional GIS solution for all users—reducing the need for desktop GIS deployment’.

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