Shell re-engineers business

Shell is re-engineering its business (again) with a focus on portfolio management. Schlumberger’s Living Business Plan and software infrastructure will underpin the global standardization effort.

Shell is in the throes of (yet another) global reorganization. This sets out to re-engineer the way the company does its business with a focus on cross-border optimization through portfolio management. A new standard software environment from Schlumberger both reflects and underpins the new globalization strategy.


Shell has awarded Schlumberger Information Solutions (SIS) a multi-year, multi-product software master agreement whereby SIS’s E&P application software will form an important part of the Shell Global Standard Software Portfolio—a common set of software tools approved for use by Shell’s affiliates worldwide.


Shell EP Technology director Paul Ching said, “SIS solutions will help Shell achieve global standardization, especially in data management and static modeling. Combined with other vendor tools and our own proprietary software they will ensure that our technology capability remains at the forefront of the industry”.


SIS president Ihab Toma added, “This agreement lays a common foundation for SIS to provide its leading-edge software technology, including the ‘Living Model’, our open 3D model-centric seismic-to-simulation workflow, to Shell and its E&P business affiliates worldwide. In addition, it provides the opportunity for cooperative developments to meet Shell’s long-term technology needs.”


The agreement includes information management, geoscience, reservoir simulation, well and production engineering, and economics solutions. The deal allows Shell to integrate its proprietary tools through Schlumberger’s infrastructure OpenSpirit, and software dev kits for GeoFrame and the emerging ‘Project Ocean’. This is a brand-new framework based on Microsoft’s .NET technology.


SIS economics and financial planning solutions—the ‘Living Business Plan’ will form the basis for Shell’s worldwide capital allocation program and allow for secure Web-based collection of regional investment plans, their global rollup and optimization of key business measures.

See our report in this issue from the Schlumberger Miami Forum for more on Shell’s portfolio management and on Project Ocean.

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