Roxar rolls out Irap RMS 7

The latest version of Roxar’s modeling software Irap RMS claims improved visualization, workflow and fault modeling.

Roxar Software Solutions has released a new version of its reservoir modeling software Irap RMS. Version 7.0 promises improved fault modeling, enhanced visualization, workflow management and comprehensive well planning in time or depth. Improved workflow management support will shorten cycle times, simplify model maintenance and data management, and ‘unleash the value’ of modeling efforts. The new visualization environment provides support for reservoir modeling through tailored 3D editors for all data types. Version 7.0 offers automation of the fault modeling process as well as ‘intuitive, interactive editing at all stages of the modeling process’. According to Roxar, users can now build simple models with minimal input, and complex models with full user control. The new fault modeling promises ‘significant time savings, while maintaining model integrity’.

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