Digital rock library

Rock Solid Images and Palo Alto-based Permeability Inc. are collaborating to leverage technology developed in the Stanford Rock Physics Program. A ‘Digital Rock Library’ will help determine permeability from borehole data.

Houston-based Rock Solid Images and Permeability, Inc. announced today an agreement to develop and commercialize a new “Digital Rock Laboratory” (DRL) for determining permeability values from borehole data. The technology has been developed by Professor Amos Nur and his co-workers at the Stanford Rock Physics Laboratory (SRB).


Amos Nur said, “Our decision to partner with Rock Solid Images was a natural extension of our current successful relationship. The combination of cutting edge science from SRB, and the sound commercial skills of Rock Solid Images will ensure rapid and successful deployment of these remarkable new tools.”


Joel Walls, VP and Chief Petrophysicist of Rock Solid Images added, “Permeability is the single most important property of interest to drilling and reservoir engineers. Until now, developing reservoir permeability models has been an expensive, slow and imprecise process. The DRL method holds outstanding promise for building robust, fine-grained permeability models for a variety of reservoir types.” Permeability Inc. is based in Palo Alto California and develops model-based digital tools to simulate a variety of fine-scale sub-surface reservoir properties. More from rocksolidimages.

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