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This months movers hail from Core Lab, Rileys, Petroleum Place, TGS-NOPEC, POSC and PGS.


ADS president Rade Drecun is moving to Core Laboratories following the acquisition as are Bee Bednar, VP R&D and Chuck Peng, Director of Technology Development



Karl Eberhart has joined Riley Electric Log as Vice President to promote Riley in the USA.


Petroleum Place

Steve Pruett has been named president of Petroleum Place. Pruett was previously president & CEO of First Permian.



TGS-NOPEC has appointed David Hicks Chief Technology Officer. Hicks was previously with GeoGraphix.



Herb Yuan (Shell) and Jennifer Freshwater (BP) have joined the Petroleum Open Software Corp.’s board.



PGS is to consolidate its corporate functions into a new center in London. In a separate announcement, Umoe AS CEO Jens Ulltveit-Moe is making a bid for the post of chairman of PGS following Reidar Michaelsen’s announcement that he is to step down. Umoe holds over 10% of PGS’ stock.

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