ESRI GIS for IndigoPool

Shlumberger’s e-business portal IndigoPool has deployed ESRI’s ArcIMS. The GIS technology is available for other Schlumberger applications.

Schlumberger Information Solutions (SIS) and ESRI have teamed on an e-business implementation of ESRI’s GIS. The software is deployed on Schlumberger unit IndigoPool’s acquisition and divestiture (A&D) online marketplace.


The implementation combines the mapping capabilities of ESRI’s Internet map server software (ArcIMS) with ESRI’s spatial database engine (ArcSDE) running on an Oracle database. IndigoPool clients can now access data including cultural, land grid, well, production, seismic, lease and gravity/magnetic surveys. Users can move between high-quality map-based data selections, non-GIS e-business asset catalogs and E&P data rooms. Assets can be identified and investigated, to provide visual support for A&D decision making.


IndigoPool president Jeremy Walker said, “We are confident that the certified support of ESRI will add strength, attract significant interest and further streamline the A&D process for our clients.”


ESRI industry director Geoff Wade added, “We are extremely pleased to further our integration relationship with SIS. With the sophisticated IndigoPool Web interface and easy online access, together we’re taking the A&D marketplace to the next level.”

Any SIS app!

The IndigoPool implementation is a major step for the relationship between SIS and ESRI. The GIS implementation is said to be applicable to any SIS offering that has a Web-based geographic interface to geoscience applications.

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