Magic Earth ports ’Probe to PC

Magic Earth has ported its seismic visualization software GeoProbe to Linux and is rebranding its high-end products.

Halliburton unit Magic Earth has just released MagicDesk, a PC-version of its high-end volume visualization and interpretation software, GeoProbe. MagicDesk is not a Windows port however, the software runs on Linux. Magic Earth positions the desktop version of GeoProbe as suitable for ‘detailed analysis on reservoir-scale data.’ Magic Earth has now also re-branded its high-end systems as MagicStation (for Unix Workstations) and MagicVision (for high-end visualization centers). MagicDesk claims compatibility with Landmark’s R2003 Linux release.


Magic Earth president Mike Zeitlin said, “MagicDesk drives down the cost of ownership without compromising on the performance required for new E&P workflows. Magic Earth now has a solution for every scale of the interpretation process, from team collaboration and decision-making in the immersive visualization center to the desktop.”


All the GeoProbe interpretation tools, including custom picking, volume rendering, multi-attribute analysis, ezFault/ezSurface, are available in the new release. PC Performance is said to be ‘consistent’ with the larger systems ‘with the exception of PC memory limitations on the amount of geovolume data that can be interpreted at one time’.


MagicDesk will be packaged as a dual-monitor IBM IntelliStation M Pro with key graphic upgrades and will run the Red Hat Linux operating system.

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