Free vulnerability test

NeoNET has announced a new vulnerability testing service for your firewall and is offering a free check-up penetration test.

Systems Integrator NeoNET, Inc. has rolled out a new service—NeoNET Security Suite. Neonet’s new IT security analysis services are offered both on-site and ‘over the wire.’ NeoNET will provide customers with Managed Security Services and offers a comprehensive tool set for Firewall and Router monitoring, URL filtering and immediate security threat notification. With the latest services, GeoNet describes itself as a ‘Secure Integrator’, offering secure integration services enterprise-wide.


NeoNET president Jeff Whitney said, “NeoNET’s Suite of Services allows NeoNET to provide clients with Vulnerability Testing, Penetration Testing and Enterprise Wide Security Solutions. In utilizing NeoNET’s Security Services, clients will be locked down to prevent hackers and internal threats from disrupting IT services”.

Yes or No!

NeoNET is offering free ‘Over-the-Wire’ vulnerability testing to businesses this month. Sign a form of consent and NeoNET security experts will examine your IP addresses to assess your vulnerability to outside attacks from hackers. A simple “Yes, you’re secure” or “No, you’re vulnerable to attack” response will be e-mailed to the client free of charge. An in-depth security report is available at a cost.

Oil & gas

NeoNET provides integration and engineering support to clients in the Oil & Gas, Medical and Small & Midsize Business (SMB) Markets. The company’s primary focus is on excellence in engineering, with capabilities in supporting and integrating LAN’s, WAN’s, Firewalls, VPN, Security, Applications, O/S and SCADA. Clients utilize NeoNET’s services for everything from IT projects to complete outsourcing of IT support. NeoNET, Inc. is headquartered in Boulder, Colorado, with offices in Houston, Texas. More from neonetglobal.

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