GUNK cleanses oilfield data

Oilcats has developed ‘Gunk’ - a software tool to clean up asset data used in asset management and e-commerce.

Aberdeenshire-based Oilcats is rolling out new software to clean up oil and gas materials data. Gunk facilitates cataloguing of oil-country materials and was designed to enhance Oilcats’ data collection and standardization service. Gunk works by creating data templates that enable end-users to source products, materials and services quickly and efficiently.


GUNK’s customizable data dictionary holds over 7,500 descriptor nouns and 500,000 products which are used to provide context-sensitive help. If an offshore worker is looking for a spanner, they input spanner and up pop eighteen types of spanner.


Oilcats MD Dave Andrews said, “We take existing data, put it into a standardized format and input it electronically on templates. This will ultimately facilitate e-commerce within our industry where the bulk of procurement transactions will benefit from electronic processing.” Gunk comprises a central dictionary of templates for product descriptions, a materials data catalogue and tools for searching, QA and administration.

Not cost saving!

Andrews told Oil IT Journal, “Forget about cost reduction - that’s rubbish! What companies want is the efficiency given by end user visibility of all their plant, inventory and spares data. This alone can increase plant efficiency by up to 5% and increase cash flow from assets by an amount equivalent to a new discovery.” BP believe him and is using Gunk to transition its inventory data to Maximo. Oilcats is considering giving Gunk away free as part of its service to clients.

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