Wellogix One to One

Wellogix’ new software provides a direct link between oils and their suppliers. Wellogix CEO Jeff Liveasy argues against e-business exchanges for the delivery of complex products and services.

Wellogix has announced new e-business software. Wellogix One-to-One extends WorkFlowNavigator’s features to relationships between oil companies and service providers. With One-to-One, oil companies can ‘hardwire’ private communications to each service provider for different aspects of their operations.


Wellogix CEO Jeff Livesay explained, “One-to-One is a direct, private hotline between an oil company and a contractor—a dedicated telecommunications link that uses the Internet. Wellogix doesn’t get between our customers, own any of their data, or invade their privacy—we merely provide the communications medium to bring them closer together. We believe that ‘commoditizing’ complex products and services, as others have advocated, is fundamentally flawed. Our solution does not involve multi-vendor bidding or auctioning, but continues to enhance productivity for oil companies and their service providers.”

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