Landmark’s Executive Briefing Center

Landmark opened its Executive Briefing Center as part of its 20th birthday celebrations, showcasing Landmark technology solutions. A new Asset Performance Consulting service was also announced.

Landmark has just opened its new Executive Briefing Center (EBC) as part of the celebrations of the company’s 20th anniversary. The EBC, co-located with the new Asset Management Center at Landmark’s Houston headquarters, will provide E&P company execs with state of the art demonstrations of Landmark’s software prowess.


During the EBC housewarming executives from some of the largest E&P companies as well as Landmark’s top technology partners were treated to a Landmark technofest. Landmark president Andy Lane recalled the early days, “Since the company’s four founders revolutionized the oil and gas industry with an affordable 3-D seismic workstation 20 years ago, Landmark has delivered breakthrough software products and services that have increased oil findings and production for our worldwide customer base. We are leading the evolution of oilfield asset management and operations software into real-time, remotely accessible systems. Innovation is at the forefront of everything we do, and our new Centers are flagship facilities to show how new technologies are changing the way upstream E&P companies do business today. The EBC combines advanced teleconferencing and presentation facilities with a leading-edge visualization lab in which we can demonstrate the full power of our systems to our customers, in a realistic, 3-D environment.”


Landmark VP Eric Johnson told Oil IT Journal how the EBC had been kitted out with top-flight technology from partners such as IBM, Sun and SGI. The jewel in the EBC’s crown is the high-end visualization center. Here Trimension’s new edge blending software ‘Scorpion’ is used to drive triple Barco DLP projectors. This allows the output from three NT graphics cards to be displayed with unprecedented clarity onto the hard wall curved screen. Other systems available in the EBC computer lab include a top-of-the-range SGI Onyx which was used to good effect by Magic Earth president Mike Zeitlin to demo GeoProbe’s latest bells and whistles.

Asset Performance

Halliburton and Landmark also recently introduced a new Asset Performance Consulting service (APC), offering technical and management consulting to improve the performance of assets, asset teams and E&P portfolios. APC consulting services span the oilfield lifecycle and include exploration, development, production enhancement, divestment and abandonment. The APC leverages Halliburton’s best practices such as exploration play and prospect generation, development scenario optimization and mature field optimization.

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