3D Move V4 out in August

Midland Valley Exploration will be releasing version 4 of its popular 3D Move structural modeling package. The software now includes geochemistry.

UK-based software house Midland Valley Exploration has a new major release of its flagship geological modeling package 3D Move scheduled for August. 3D Move V4.0 introduces dynamic structural modeling, visualization of prospect evolution and basin modeling from within the structural model.


The software aims to provide a structural model and risk profile which can be integrated into the decision-making process. Interactive modeling of basin framework and evolution is said to provide geoscientists with insight into reservoir development and sourcing.

Fracture analysis

The latest release targets model-building speed improvements and data integration and re-use. Two new modules have been added to the software for fracture analysis and petroleum system modeling.


Canned workflows are provided to guide users through typical tectonic environments. Model output is scale-independent and can be used equally for basin analysis of reservoir analysis. A new structural hub tool offers fracture generation and analysis, charge and reservoir extent risking, overlap analysis and enhanced GIS integration and visualization. More from mve.com.

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