Bye bye Technoguide, hello ‘Petrel Workflow’

Technoguide is re-branding as Petrel Workflow, while its software flagship interpretation product Petrel is henceforth to be referred to as Petrel Workflow Tools 2002.

Norwegian Technoguide, developer of the Petrel software suite is changing its name and re-branding Petrel to reflect its expanded scope and vision. The Technoguide name will be phased out over the next year and the company will be re-named as Petrel Workflow.

Workflow Tools

At the same time, the software previously known as Petrel will be re baptized Petrel Workflow Tools. Petrel Workflow Tools 2002 (PWT 2002) was announced recently and is said to be Petrel’s largest release completing a two-year period of development focused on ‘giving users the ability to model a complete project in one single application’.

2D/3D seismic

PWT 2002 now lets geoscientists interpret 2D and 3D seismic data, in both a conventional 2D interpretation window and in 3D space. PWT 2002 now also includes ‘ground-breaking’ technology such as an intuitive process manager with predefined processes and mapping in batch functionality that allows users to quickly update models when new data is available. 3D autotracking is said to be ‘incredibly fast and stable.’


Petrel product manager Paul Hovdenak said, “With this release of Petrel geoscientist can visualize and integrate all relevant data in 3-D space. There is no more important task for the production geoscientist than to quantify ideas. Petrel provides the common thread through which the sub-surface team expresses itself. Clients tell us that the projects that used to take six months can now be completed in only three weeks.”

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