People offices and orgs.

Movers this month hails from C&C Reservoirs, DPTS, IFP, Paras, PennEnergy, PetroWeb, Roxar and ZettaWorks.

C & C Reservoirs

Jon Roseway has been appointed senior research geoscientist for C & C Reservoirs’ Geoscience Group in London. Roseway was previously with Amerada Hess.

DPTS Storage

John Knowles and Chris McCarthy have joined the board of DPTS Storage.


Andreas Ehinger has been named Director of the French Petroleum Institute’s Geophysics research division in an internal promotion.

Paras Consulting Inc.

Flemming Rolle, has been named President of Paras Consulting Inc., and will head-up the new Houston office.

PennEnergy Data

Pam Koscinski is to become VP Data Acquisition with PennEnergy Data. Koscinski was previously with IHS Energy.


Maryann Stack has joined PetroWEB to work on the PennEnergy Data project (see Oil IT Journal Vol. 7 N° 5). Stack was previously with IHS Energy.


Sandy Esslemont has been appointed Chief Executive Officer of Roxar ASA. Esslemont was previously COO.

Veritas DGC

John B. Gibson has joined Veritas DGC as director of emerging technology. Gibson was previously manager of geophysical operations with Union Pacific Resources.


Stacy Kasper has been promoted to Director of Human Resources and Recruiting. Kasper came to ZettaWorks as a Corporate Recruiter from Smith & Associates.

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