Landmark acquires WAM

Landmark has acquired the Web Archive Manager from Exprodat Technology. The ‘Archiver’ was originally developed for Conoco.

As revealed in Oil IT Journal last month, Denver-based Exprodat Technology (ET) has sold its Web Archive Manager (WAM) to Landmark Graphics Corp. Under the terms of the agreement, Exprodat Technology will continue to develop and maintain the product for a minimum of three years, with marketing and sales taken over by Landmark with immediate effect.


ET president Bruce Rodney said, “This deal reaffirms our strategy of US-based technology innovation. We work with our clients, in this case Conoco Inc., to incubate concepts into products that are created market-ready.” WAM - a.k.a The ‘Archiver’ is a browser-based application for archiving E&P data, including components from multiple applications, data stores and documents. The software was developed in conjunction with Conoco for use worldwide.


Rodney continued, “Our information management vision is simple. Present the user with a map displaying both active and archived projects. Click on an active project to browse live data, click on an archived project to browse a snapshot of that project. Click on ‘search’ to find stuff, no matter where it’s located.”

Online archive

WAM creates the physical archive and a permanently online database of archived objects, as well as a project ‘stub’ in Web format. Components can be browsed, documented and searched, even when a project is offline. WAM is the second in a series of web-based tools development by ET. The ‘Browser,’ for online project data browsing was sold to Landmark Graphics in 2001 and is marketed as ‘WOW’. ET is now working on the ‘Administrator’ for web-based system and project data administration.

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