Oil IT Journal CD Archive

Included with this month’s Oil IT Journal is the 2002 CD-ROM Archive, replete with over 1500 articles - around 500,000 words.

Welcome to the 2002 Oil IT Journal CD-ROM Archive. This year, the acclaimed Archive contains nearly half a million words of focused reporting on upstream IT including -

* 1526 articles, the complete Oil IT Journal reference since 1996

* References to over 1300 companies

* References to 1300 individuals active in oil and gas information technology

* References to 1600 commercial products

* Over 50 MB of sponsor-contributed white papers, commercial presentations and video.

The Archive should auto-run once inserted into your CD-ROM drive. If not double click on the file index.htm in the home directory of the CD. More information and support is in the readme.txt file on the CD.


Once you’ve tried the CD-ROM Archive you will realize the benefits of having Oil IT Journal online. Email online@oilit.com or visit www.oilit.com for details of how to upgrade this single user Archive into a site license for your organization - along with monthly updates.

Thanks to our Sponsors

The 2002 Oil IT Journal CD Archive was made possible with generous help from our Sponsors;



Foster Findlay Associates

Georex AT

IHS Energy

Kelman Technologies

Landmark Graphics

LSI Logic Storage Systems

OFS Portal

Petris Technology

Schlumberger Information Solutions

Venture Information Management

Please check out the sponsor-contributed material on the CD and follow the links to the Sponsors websites for more information on their products and services.

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