CGG releases FracVista

CGG’s FracVista uses seismic data to quantify the impact of fractures on oilfield production.

CGG has added fractured reservoir characterization to its ‘Vista’ seismic processing modules. FracVista leverages CGG’s experience of preserved amplitude, 3D, 4D and converted wave processing to provide quantitative information such as direction and intensity of sub-seismic scale fractures for both carbonate and clastic reservoirs. FracVista combines inversion with a proprietary geostatistical techniques to estimate the azimuthal variations observed during modern, high fold, wide azimuth P-wave seismic acquisition. By integrating such information into the regional stress framework, a better understanding of the impact of fractures on field production can be obtained. FracVista is proving popular in the fractured reservoirs of the Middle East.

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